Colony sandbox MMO SEED discusses collecting and disseminating community chatter


We’re back with another singular dev blog out of SEED, which is all about how the devs at Klang Games gather and share community discussion. It also gives us the team-based colloquialism of “Klangers,” which is what those who work in the studio call themselves, apparently.

The blog talks about how the devs collected community discussions from the game’s official Discord and social media accounts between October 2020 to July 2021, breaking down questions from players into subject groups, analyzing them, and then sharing them in a “lunch talk.” In this particular example, questions centered around architecture and travel, along with some questions from the devs to find out more about the community, what it thinks about what the team is working on, and what the community thinks about what will be announced next.

All of this data sharing and discussion is ultimately in service of steering what the Klangers will be working on next, and though the blog doesn’t exactly share just what is next, it does at least highlight that the devs are listening.

MMO gamers will recall that SEED is a colony-simulation MMO built using SpatialOS; we’ve been covering its development since 2017 as it’s run multiple community alpha tests and received huge investments from no less than LEGO.


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Feeling like I need a trigger warning any time SpatialOS is brought up. World’s Adrift was such a great game.