Final Fantasy XIV details the changes coming to high-quality items in patch 6.0

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Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV is going to change a fair bit when Endwalker arrives, but maybe you missed the most recent live letter and were a bit confused by the topic of our column this week. No need to worry, though; the official site now has a detailed explanation of exactly what is changing with the removal of high-quality gathered items. When the next expansion comes out, gathering professions will no longer gather high-quality items, vendors will no longer sell them, and enemies will no longer drop them.

This doesn’t mean that all high-quality items are going away, of course; crafted items (including crafted ingredients for other items) are still available in high-quality forms, and gear can still be high-quality. It’s just that crafting will now be the only means of gaining these items, a rather significant change to the core mechanics of crafting and gathering. While the announcement is a bit shy on details, it should serve as a good primer for preparing ahead of the actual removal.

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