Lord of the Rings Online opens Bullroarer again to test Brawler and LI changes


So, Lord of the Rings Online’s Fate of Gundabad has a launch date. It has preorders. It has a full executive summary of content. You have completely worn out the “gundagood” joke and nobody even cracks a smile at it anymore. What is left to do?

Test, of course. Standing Stone Games opened the Bullroarer test server this morning for the 30.3 beta 4, and it’s open through Friday morning, “specifically focusing on the Brawler class and the New Legendary Item System.” Indeed, notable changes since the last Bullroarer session include several tweaks to Brawler skills and traits as well as changes to the legendary item conversion panel and tracery sockets.

Gundabad launches November 10th; the cheapest buy-in is the $39.99 package, though if you’ve got money to burn, you could drop as much as $129.99 for the biggun.


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Roger Edwards

The new LI system is adequate with respect to new players starting from scratch. It’s main flaw at present is for seasoned players who have a high level or maxed out Legendary Weapon that they need to convert. Instead of getting a like for like replacement like trading in a car, the system “assesses” your current LI and then gives the player a requisite amount of new components so they can build an allegedly commensurate weapon. Only thing being is for many players this conversion process doesn’t produce a comparable weapon. I tried it on the test server and saw a drop in my overall stats. I didn’t get enough items for the job.

There is also a major issue regarding compensation for items associated with the current LI system. These will soon become obsolete overnight. Players will naturally expect a “quid pro quo” approach, especially if some of the items getting written off were purchased from the LOTRO store.

As ever with any sort of transition from one system to another in a game, there are two elements to address. The actual system itself and the players perception of it. SSG have a track record of launching broken products and also have a knack for not handling PR at all well. They actively seem to antagonise their players at times.

They have two weeks to fix the current issues. If they bungle this major system revamp they really could do serious damage to the game and long term player relations. It takes a huge amount of time, effort and even money to max out an LI. It represents a significant player investment. If players feel that they’re having something taken away from them and SSG address their concerns in their usual heavy handed, condescending way, then you could see a major exodus from the game.

I for one do not want to have to repeat all the work I’ve already done to max a new LI via the new system.

2Ton Gamer

They better have those stats issues figured out for the PvMP balance because I heard someone forgot a decimal point or something and stats were way out of whack on the last test. Then again, it wouldn’t be a LOTRO DLC without them messing up the monster players for a few months (years?) afterward…