Requia Online is a free-to-play mobile multiplayer TCG RPG


What happens when you blend “the social gameplay of massively multiplayer titles, the tactics of real-time card games and the deep character customisation of classic RPGs – all in the highly transportable format of mobile”? You apparently get something “epic” according to developer ODY Software, as well as the mobile TCG title Requia Online, which made its free-to-play debut this past Tuesday.

“Awoken on an unfamiliar shore and robbed of their memory, players begin their journey as a complete unknown, taking on tasks and building their character in traditional RPG fashion as they find their place in the lore-rich medieval world of Aurelis.”

Being a TCG, Requia naturally offers a whole lot of card slinging, both in the game’s real-time combat and in the crafting of weapons, armor, and items. The game features main and side quests, dungeons, crafting classes, co-op arena and PvP duel battles, and a variety of events and achievements. The game is supported by a cash shop, but the devs are adamant that it avoids pay-to-win traps. It’s available on Android and iOS for those who are curious.

source: press release
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