Blade and Soul prepares for the Halloween season with the return of Blade and Ghoul on October 6


The spooky season is fast approaching Blade and Soul as the game prepares for its annual Blade and Ghoul Halloween event. This year, players can look forward to event quests that involve dusting off antique lamps from the old Naryu Empire that can reward various treasures, and there will be a Realmrift Supply Chain event dungeon that rewards currencies to purchase piratical cosmetics.

In addition to that, there will be a new challenge dungeon in the form of the Forest of Echoes, where four-player teams can face off against Kumi the Great Deceiver to earn a spot on the rankings board and earn tokens each week based on their rankings. These tokens can then be spent on various rewards including a Custom Foxfire costume, Kumi Psyches, and more. It all kicks off on Wednesday, October 6th.


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