Atlas introduces the Broadsider as a new modular blueprint ship


A group of pirates sits in a smoky room with notepads and quills, staring at a blueprint for a ship on a board at the front of the room. There’s something needed. Finally, one of them gets up and marches to the board, folding his arms and chewing thoughtfully on the pipe in his mouth. “Listen to me, mates,” he drawls slowly, regarding the plans for the ship. “I know we be plannin’ to give this ship some cannon. But what if we gave it… all the cannons?”

The pirates cheer. Parrots scream. He writes the number “40” on the blueprints and collapses backwards with a huge grin on his face.

Anyhow, that’s pretty much how the blueprints for the new Broadsider ship added with the latest patch to Atlas were made. We promise. The ship has 40 cannons, it’s only buildable via blueprints, it has known issues right in the patch notes with gaps in textures and incorrect structural details. Players are facepalming over that in the comments of the patch notes, but when you can open up with a broadside of 40 cannons simultaneously, you’ve earned a few facepalms.


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I was going to make a clever comment. Then decided it wasn’t clever, and no one cares anyway.

I’m still slightly curious who these patches are even for though, the peak concurrent users for this game are pretty dismal. Like, they only have to loose a couple hundred players and they’re down to “not even a thousand players per day.”