Dauntless shares the creation of its latest behemoth, the Phaelanx


A bizarre combination of industrial and natural, the Phaelanx entered a unique position in Dauntless’ ecosystem this week. The game’s latest behemoth has players scrambling to figure out the best strategies to defeat it, no doubt, and part of that research should be watching a new six-minute behind-the-scenes video about the making of this strange creature.

The Phaelanx is a combination of many different types of predatory birds, including eagles, owls, peregrine falcons, and, um, hummingbirds. Hey! Flowers are terrified at the sight of a fearsome hummingbird swooping in to plunder its stores!

“We tried to establish that this is a behemoth that’s partially intimidating, really threatening, big, chunky, scary, and quite slow as well,” the dev team said.

Source: YouTube

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