Fractured shows off alignment, town tech trees, and world events in video as it applies another patch to alpha


Even though the fall alpha for Fractured is already in full swing, the devs at Dynamight Studios are still showing off features of the current build in video form, with the latest (and last) one showing off alignment features, the game’s tech tree, and its world events system.

The video starts off by showcasing a new alignment system that players can manually engage, flagging themselves as Good, Neutral, or Evil, each with their own distinct restrictions and penalties. This self-described “drastic” new system is in response to the “rampant” player killing that happened during the game’s last alpha test. “The human planet should be a place where player killing doesn’t really happen,” said Dynamight CEO Jacopo Gallelli in the video. “It should be the place of competition between guilds […] but as a regular PvE player who is just minding their own business, you shouldn’t be bothered by player killers. That clearly hasn’t the case in the previous test.”

The video then moves on to show off the updated player town tech tree that is in the new build, with more research nodes that can be unlocked as a town levels up from a hamlet to a village, as well as other features like unique tax rates to use crafting stations for town citizens, residents, and foreigners. Finally, it touches on world events, showcasing chests that can be picked open during a bandit world event. Gallelli admits in the video that having only one world event in-game right now makes things repetitive, but there are plans to have multi-chain events in the future.

As for the alpha right now, there’s been yet another patch that has added shield crafting to the woodworking table, new visualization for damaged and slightly damaged items, and a number of various fixes to the game. The patch notes linked above provide all of the details.


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