Crowfall tests 7.2 new player onboarding, outlines 7.3 update focus on smaller PvP content

Now let's fewer of you fight.

The patches will keep on rolling in Crowfall, which isn’t exactly news, but the content of those patches are what’s news and are generally outlined in the game’s most recent Founder’s Update dev blog.

First off, patch 7.2 is currently on the test server and brings with it some changes that have been outlined in publicly shared design documents. 7.2 will feature what’s referred to as a “fast track NPE” that seeks to further streamline new player onboarding among other adjustments. 7.2’s test build patch notes have all of the specifics.

The post also outlines the focus for patch 7.3, which is scheduled to land sometime in November. This patch is described as a “small is beautiful” update — a reference to the focus on creating more small-scale PvP content, with some zone limit tweaks and other content changes.


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