Fallout 76 delays some roadmap features, plans a new Mothman event


In a game where its death-strewn landscape could make a great case for how every day is Halloween, how can Fallout 76 usher in the seasonal spirits? By getting chummy with the legendary Mothman, of course!

Bethesda said that it’s testing a new Mothman seasonal event right now: “While the Mothman Equinox event is live, you’ll also encounter hostile Cultist High Priests throughout Appalachia who can bend the will of nearby creatures to do their bidding. Stop the Cult from spreading their influence by taking down any High Priests you meet. When you do, you’ll be able to loot them for a chance to earn rare item plans.”

The Night of the Moth patch won’t release this month, unfortunately, nor the next. Bethesda said that it should be coming to us in December, just in time for, um, Christmasween? In addition to Mothman’s antics, this update is planning to include public event improvements, corpse highlights, AOE looting, legendary loot sharing, team XP sharing, better ammo drops, and a keyring.

Fallout 76 also announced that it is delaying some of its remaining 2021 roadmap items, pushing stuff like C.A.M.P. pets, four-star legendary items, and the Invaders from Beyond event into next year.

Source: Fallout 76. Thanks, GreaterDivinity!

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