EverQuest II teases its upcoming Nights of the Dead Halloween event, now on PTS


It’s almost Halloween time in EverQuest II, but before that the 2021 edition of the Nights of the Dead event has to go through public testing. Still, fans of the MMORPG and the spooky season can get a peek at what’s new this year whether they join in on testing or not.

This year’s event has some new treats for players, including a new Trick or Treatskiller quest, a Headless Horseman public quest, new collections, and new house items, cosmetics, and a recipe book. This year will also see a number of things return from past events like merchant items and recipes, achievements, collections, and events. Furthermore, the event is also arriving to the TLE servers in full with the exception of the public quest.

The Nights of the Dead are coming back to the game proper on Friday, October 15th to live and TLE servers and will run until Thursday, November 4th. For now, players can test the spookiness.


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