Bless Eternal Mobile releases in full to Chinese players – here’s some gameplay footage

Sure, why not, who cares.

What’s this? A mobile version of Bless? There is indeed such a thing; it’s called Bless Mobile, and readers will recall that it arrived to our shores this past January. But this story isn’t about that game, it’s about another mobile version of Bless called Bless Eternal Mobile that recently released in China.

MMO Culture took a look at this one and found it to be not too dissimilar to the original Bless Online, which in turn is very similar to the Bless Mobile game that we highlighted in the lede. Except this one has been developed and released by Chinese developer Longtu Games. To add to the confusion, MMO Culture reports that Longtu Games is eyeing plans for a global release, which… is certainly an idea, to be sure. You can check out the game in action in the video embeds below.

source: MMO Culture
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