Embers Adrift details progress on UI, zone adjustments, an ‘armor budget’ system and more


This past August Embers Adrift offered up a progress report on its development on a number of items, and the devs at Stormhaven Studios are sharing yet another wrap-up for September, outlining another set of adjustments and updates made to the game as it continues its rebrand away from Saga of Lucimia.

Much like the last dev report, this one pretty much touches on a wide number of updates, starting off with refinement of spawns, mobs, and loot in the game’s early zones thanks to a newly hired game designer. The areas of North and South Newhaven are now said to have better progression and feel to them.

On top of zone refinement, the devs point out work on visuals, new UI features that let players know how many people are needed to take on a mob and how high a level a mob is, and creation of an “armor budget” gear system; details on just what this system involves were not elaborated on, but the devs called the system “unique’ and expressed excitement at receiving alpha tester feedback.

Speaking of alpha testing, the devs are still planning on opening up pre-orders this month to allow players the option of buying in to the game’s final alpha. The post still does not share any information about alpha timing or the cost of buying in, but does state that followers should keep an eye on the game’s Twitter account or official Discord for further announcements.


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