Genshin Impact’s next update brings Inazuma’s last area on October 13

Also, Mihoyo unveils new Razer merch with Paimon's face


Let’s get that second part of the story out of the way: Yes, Razer and Genshin Impact have entered into a partnership to let fans use Razer products that have Paimon’s face slapped all over them. Players can have the talkative little sprite thing plastered on a DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse, Iskur X gaming chair, and the Goliathus Speed gaming mouse mat, as well as apply Genshin Impact-themed designs in the Razer Customs website. These items are expected to come sometime soon; a gallery of images is below for the curious.

The actual game itself is seeing an update as well, of course, as the Tsurumi Island area of Inazuma will be available for players to explore on Wednesday, October 13th, in the Version 2.2 update. The update will not only have the fog-shrouded new island but will introduce the new character Thoma, some new seasonal events involving the exploration of a mystical domain and a rhythm mini-game among other quests, and several new Inazuma-themed items for the Serenitea Pot. The update has its own preview site as well as a trailer and a preview broadcast below.

source: press releases

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Brinto Sfj

This game, along with all the “gaccha”, “lootbox”, “lootcrate” and so on, needs to die and die fast! These “games” are harming people to an unimaginable level, they have practically made people disjointed from the reality of the matter, that they are completely being manipulated into gambling away their money and sometimes, livelihoods.

Malcolm Swoboda

$2 billion in its first year from mobile alone. (so not counting PC, PS4/5)
Nearly the most financially successful game in history. And the most successful outside China.

It won’t die fast unless the Chinese state itself forces it. But I sure wouldn’t really protest a neutering of its monetization through government regulation.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

This is the first gaming chair i like, i love the colors.

Malcolm Swoboda

Too bad you’re sitting on a demon. (Paimon)

Malcolm Swoboda

I’ll be there.

Even if majority of my play is still in Mondstadt due to breaks, slow completionism, and barely having 1 team trained up (when otherwise I’d have 8, 12+ characters in good places).

At least I got weird under-written mermaid lady in gacha this week.

Possibility of a shocking story event in this patch, and they’re just underpresenting things right now!