Insane’s CEO discusses how Profane will mitigate the problem of PvP zergs


One of the bigger concerns in any open PvP game that involves holding territory is zerging. How do you stop a massive group of players or an immense coalition of guilds from holding all of the territory and wiping out everyone and everything that opposes them? Profane believes it has some answers to the issue according to Insane’s CEO Diego Beltran, who was a guest on livestreamer Oxfurd’s channel.

For one thing, Beltran believes that a way to stop people from zerging is giving them lots of content to do, with the rationale being that if there are plenty of other activities available to players, then they won’t get so bored that they’ll feel the need to band together and steamroll everything and everyone. On top of having content, Profane will also have a variety of safeguards against how frequently guilds can attack other cities, with small windows of time when constructs can be damaged in-between periods of invulnerability. Finally, Beltran points out that it will be mechanically much more difficult for large guilds to form and hold territory owing to the vast amount of resources it will require to keep cities maintained and operational.

Ultimately, Beltran wants the story written by players of Profane to evolve, but over the course of months and not every single day. You can check out his ideas in the video below.

source: YouTube
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