Looter shooter Space Punks revamps crafting in early access


Jagex’s and Flying Wild Hog’s action RPG with a ‘tude, Space Punks, is taking a break from its high-powered rampages to get a little more… crafty.

The game pumped out its second major early access patch last week that overhauled crafting and weapons specs. By doing this, players have better and more options in crafting their latest implement of death ‘n’ destruction.

Also with The Crafty One update, Space Punks added collectable blueprints, a 3-D weapon preview, talent visualizations, and an improved Devil’s Gambit (now with more robots!).

“This update is the first step to bring significant depth to Space Punks with the new crafting and weapon upgrade systems — providing players with enormously expanded ways to customise their character’s equipment and playstyle as they progress through the challenges the galaxy has to offer,” said Game Director Michael Kuk.

Source: Reddit

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Dug From The Earth

Another game that plans to go free 2 play, but is extremely limiting its “testing group” to just those willing to pay a ridiculous fee up front to gain early beta access.

The result will most likely be a game that doesnt quite hit the mark because of lack of a big enough testing group.

As a borderlands fan, this games concept is interesting, but I just dont trust it will be very good.