Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 94 adds zone-wide vendor listings, new patterns, and fishing changes


The latest release for Shroud of the Avatar appears to be mostly aimed at the crafters, the gatherers, and the shoppers. For the shoppers, Release 94 has added listings for every vendor in a zone, making it easier to see the goods vendors are offering. For the crafters, there are 70 new patterns for a variety of crafted gear, as well as some new recipes and changes to existing ones.

For the gatherers — anglers in specific — the patch has added three new fishing-specific artifacts; the chance to fish up an Odd Container that can be either used as a decoration or opened like a supply container for a chance at a Cloak of the Master Angler, which features a bait recovery bonus and a fishing range bonus similar to the Fish Finder Cloak; and a balance pass for several fishing baits among other things.

The patch has a bunch of other adjustments to combat skills, world quests, and other item changes, so those who are still deeply invested in SOTA would perhaps do well to scour the latest patch notes.

Longtime MOP readers will know that Shroud of the Avatar is a controversial game in the MMO space. Kickstarted in 2013, the game and its original studio have been criticized for cutting promised features, crowdfunding excessively, delaying Kickstarter rewards, obfuscating its corporate leadership and office status, and neglecting SEC filings legally required by the game’s equity crowdfunding. In 2019, Richard Garriott’s company Portalarium sold off SOTA to its lead dev and all but exited the game. Press inquires have repeatedly been met with stonewalling and insults, and equity crowdfund investors were seemingly abandoned without notice, but the game does still have players and is still being developed, as we continue to cover.

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I love the new Vendor listings. Saves me so much time. Also great now for spotting them over priced people that keep snaking up all the good gear and reselling. its not as bad as Narficus states though lol. makes it sound unusable. As to basement vendors could care less about… one less loading screen not to go into basements or dungeons.

New spells are pretty good. was watching someone leveling up the new cone of cold which freezes up the ground in front of you as it flys across than anything that gets hit is covered in an ice cold cloud. The lighting storm is not in yet, nor is the Life Totems which there will be two. one a placeable pulsing life heal, the others a cleanser of debuffs poisons etc. wonder what will come after that for the other schools. hope to hear about more soon.

There was also a teaser on information on special new relics coming and other new powerful weapons. sounds like to balance them against crafters gear the powerful ones will be not repairable and or charges it sounded like.

There is a Dev Stream this Friday with Chris Spears on QA from the Ask a Dev questions from in the game that are collected. look forward to hearing what things we can continue to look forward too.


its not as bad as Narficus states though lol. makes it sound unusable.

SotA being as bad as I say is why nobody stays around to chew on the turdburger past the first bite.

I’m sad to inform you that “It just works!” is already taken. Maybe SotA could have “At least it works?” I mean, it is good to see the community pitching in to help with the shortcomings that should have been addressed in QA with a thread of YouTube videos for “convenience”. I noticed the topic of centralized search, almost like what UO has had for many years, was nuked from orbit for being too close to “AH” it had to be put down before the economic Luddites had a cow they could stick their heads up its butt. If you’re wondering about my references, I’m citing the “hit piece” by Josh Strife Hayes that has a perfect first impression of why adding features and macrotransaction bait to fugly is still not going to suddenly get the masses to court SotA.

A little less eating at the Unity Asset Flip Store would have helped. I know, low budget and small team, but it became that way because there obviously wasn’t a salable product the bring money into the company compared to how much the company scammed from everyone with bait to support a return to LB’s early work with co-op and then switched into an MMO. Yet, unless a complete overhaul is done then [current half-developed shiny feature] isn’t going to help much, and hasn’t, as people keep leaving. Compared to what Larian has made, this looks like the amateur act.

It was funny watching the server backend guru try to poo-poo on cloud technology, even though they technically already use it via Steam. (Scammers decrying the morals of others is kinda Rich.) Meanwhile, SotA STILL can’t figure out how to connect to the millions of users on Steam via the Steam Wallet, the ecosystem specifically designed to facilitate F2P games. Watching Portnip blame their tools for their own failures each time is why they they have withdrawn from every publishing outlet (or been dropped) aside from Unity and Steam, and just barely there on Steam after the review begging that usually gets other devs kicked off.

It’s also good to have the community show the devs how to do *ANYTHING* that resembles QA, right? That’s what’s eating up dev time with fixing the fixes of the fixes in poorly-tested patches every update, leading to a technical debt that looks like living from advance payday loan to advance payday loan.

But I’m glad there is some hope for some shinies. I do know Chris and Elgarion pay attention to this and the subs. Hopefully the devstreams, or any streams, can become truly informative and useful, so that more will actually bother to watch them and they suddenly get the discovering they deserve!

325 views sounds about right for a game that’s now dipping to ~64 CCU players. I apologize for giving the impression things were merely bad when they are much, much worse.


Vendor listings are a broken joke that rolled out only working in the first city you searched in, an impressive 50-100 items/sec search rate, and still takes forever in the larger crafter towns where the damn thing has been needed from the start.

Nobody thought to test it under any kind of real use, just 2-3 people at a time on QA, but when it rolled out to Live…

To save everyone time, someone made YouTube videos for the NPC towns so you can scroll and search yourself. That is how badly the system under the load of a population too small to consider MMO.

Compared to the exact same system in UO, SotA’s vendor search runs absolutely clownshoes trying to catch up. That system can even filter out inaccessible locations, unlike SotA’s trying to show vendors in basements – an issue the devs were told about but thought “nah, why bother?”

Also, cool on bad design avoiding a Corrupted Blood Incident, but -9001 points on pet class QoL. To fix this is a wishlist item, and it can’t be macrotransactioned, so probably never. This is but one of several pet class annoyances.

It Keeps Getting Better!™