Fortnite kicks off Fortnitemares with cosplay characters at Universal CityWalk


Can you tell the difference between Fortnite at Halloween and Fortnite the rest of the year? Eh, maybe the newest batch of costumes has more pumpkins? Either way, Fortnitemares is returning for the spooky season as of today and running through November 1st. Epic Games is teasing seasonal maps, games, outfits, quests, and even cosplay with its promotional tie-in.

“Also, throughout October, you can visit the Battle Bus and Fortnite cosplay characters at Universal CityWalk, adjacent to Universal Studios Hollywood.” Huh, OK. As for the plot itself? It looks like this year’s spin involves “The Cubes.”

“Additionally, Fortnitemares brings Chapter 2 Season 8 gameplay twists and turns,” Epic says. “The Cubes are going to be eerier than ever as they’ll level up their domination over the Island this month! Players will get the chance to strengthen their resolve with a new weapon from The Sideways and returning Halloween tricks.”

Source: Official site, press release

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