Global Chat: The good, the bad, and the ugly of New World


There is no shortage of opinions on the recently launched New World — and no shortage of drama either. On top of all of the hot takes that you’re getting here on Massively OP, we scouted around the MMO blogosphere to gather up impressions from various perspectives.

We’ll kick off with Unidentified Signal Source, who is here for it: “I’ve spent most of the last week playing the game, which is a bit of a compliment. Despite not feeling particularly strong about the concept before hand, it has a subtle way to latching on to various aspects of sandbox gameplay that makes it hard to ignore. It feels a bit like Ultima Online and a bit like Star Wars Galaxies, and I like it.”

Endgame Variable took a more critical eye at the game, saying, “Combat in New World feels super laggy and janky with random hit boxes and inexplicable rules. I like precision and repeatability in combat, there’s none of that here.”

Dragonchasers thinks that the game has a Goldilocks Problem: “Why keep adding new servers if some of the servers you have are empty? Maybe they’re gearing up for server transfers. Or maybe it’s a publicity stunt to show they’re reacting while they figure out a real solution.”

Dragons and Whimsy had a quick take on a first play session: “It’s very peaceful, and I love the combat. I’m currently rocking a Hatchet/Bow build that relies on Dexterity and it feels really nice. Beautiful game, as well, even on low settings.”

And again.

Many Welps is taking time to smell the roses: “I keep getting the impression that I’m playing a weird, piecemeal game that doesn’t quite all go together but it kind of works. The gathering and crafting feels like a hold over from a survival crafting game. The supply crates on the map feel straight out of a Battle Royale.”

Blessing of Kings struggled with the queues, but said, “Once you get in game, everything is quite solid […] I’m not really sure if New World does anything amazing, but it does a lot of small things right. As well, it feels like it is missing the ‘go, go, go’ mentality of recently releases like WoW Classic.”

Tales of the Aggronaut levied an accusation against Amazon for the server mess, saying, “The problems that we are dealing with in this New World launch are absolutely problems of Amazon’s making, in part due to sheer lack of experience in dealing with the MMORPG player base. So here we are with this botched launch and questionable game design… that we could easily walk away from were it not for the fact that when you ARE able to get into a server, the game is damned addicting.”

Inventory Full shared first impressions as well: “As others have said, there’s an awful lot to do in New World. At low levels, at least, you’ll never be stuck for something to fill your time. Another thing I was thinking about as the kilometers ticked by was how I’d define a ‘sandpark’ mmorpg, which is what New World is, probably.”

SparkoMarcoGaming was there on day one, saying, “Speaking of which I got my first title as I found an easy one which only needed me to fail 10 times trying to catch a fish and I was rewarded with the title ‘Feeling Crappie,’ which kind of sums up how I feel about the servers but not the game.”

And MMOQuests gets the final word here: “Everyone keeps telling me that the game is beautiful – but honestly, coming from Black Desert Online, the graphics are not really something that pull to me. There’s a lot of the main faction colours (purple, green, yellow), the name tags are distracting, and because it’s an MMO of course there are some… unique people out there. I’ve seen more offensive names than I care to admit.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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While I’m enjoying the game for what it is (made more appealing during this time of new mmorpg famine), the almost total lack of restrictions and moderation of character names is pretty off-putting.

I see more gamer tag’s than names, which can kill the immersion, but as noted above – some are pretty obnoxious or downright offensive.

Kickstarter Donor

I just reported CUMMMMBLASTER for the third time.

Robert Mann

The bad is really more how impactful the PvP side is on PvE without any vice-versa really applying, and the strange choices such as a global launch name lock while having different times to start, and then having such a convoluted system to change to another zone to start out of with friends. Add server lockouts and lack of ability to move as a company with individual vote (aka, move or stay without the company).

The good is most of the game is decently designed, and then the whole dealing with toxic players thing that is upsetting the apple-carts of the toxic. It’s not like they need to be raging asshat edgelords… but when they are, seeing it cause them problems feels quite satisfying.


The good: a new AAA MMO with a massive company behind it, so conceivably they can weather easily the bumpy shakeout of ANY new MMO launch. (Whether mighty Amazon wealth actually extends to their benighted game dev shop is…unclear.)
Graphically it’s pretty, and shows it is a new title, and not something from 10 years ago.
A novel IP fantasy-horror setting.
Beautiful sound design.
PVP roots, so I’d presume pretty tight netcode which I think will serve them well over time.
I haven’t played it more than a few hours, but I didn’t notice the controls – suggesting they’re fairly responsive and sharp. (One of the un-heralded places where WoW absolutely shines head and shoulders over peers, frankly.)
Feels very ESO to me. (yes, this shows up in good and bad, because it’s both.)

The bad: Very limited weapon selection. While some of the skill point developments are interesting, they feel very limited, poorly balanced, and just sort of cobbled together. There are clear “best in slot for task” choices, and others that are “why would I bother?”.
Can’t quite figure out what it wants to be, with a fair effort at quasi-historical realism – an originally-mentioned premise was to move away from ‘magic’…and then they pasted on the most banally-named ‘life staff’, ‘fire staff’, and ‘ice gauntlet’. Random and uninteresting, much?
Inability to choose start zones, meaning impossible to start playing with friends.
Feels very ESO to me. (yes, this shows up in good and bad, because it’s both.)

The ugly: there really aren’t a lot of big ugly things in it, which is about the nicest thing anyone is saying about it….which is sort of sad, really?

Note: I completely discount the server queues and such from this list. Yes, if anyone should be able to cope with load balancing for mass surprise demand, it’s AWS but the tempest over this crap just smacks of whingy baby gamers “BUT I WANNA PLAY NOW!” looking for poo to fling.
Anyone with any experience in the MMO genre, should know this is just how launches go. Settle the F down.

Dug From The Earth

The true sign of good, bad, and the ugly… will be a month from now. Once a large portion of the playerbase has been there… done that, and are left with just the existing end game mechanics left to do.

Will it be enough to keep them playing? Especially coming from many games that have had years of additional content and activities added to them. Is the gameplay loop something that is enjoyable now, with the limitation of the game not having those years and years of things added to it? Time will tell. The game wont just “die”, but players will leave… how many leave depends on how much these elements bore them or not.

Bruno Brito

where positioning relative to enemies doesn’t matter

What? You do realize that positioning matters a LOT in any MMO you play, not just action-combat ones, right? Specially playing rogue-like classes.

Also, WoW characters get bonuses standing behind enemies. So, there’s that.

IronSalamander8 .

In FF14, some classes absolutely require positioning, even differentiating flank from rear for separate abilities.

I did like TERA’s combat but I’m an FPS player above an MMO player, so prefer faster combat like that in the first place. I can’t speak to NW’s combat as I haven’t played it.

Bruno Brito

I admit that i don’t like action combat ( but for reasons that most action combat isn’t good in MMOs ), but to pretend that action combat players are gods at positioning and that it doesn’t exist in tab-targeting is just dishonest. And considering that ESO, GW2 AND New World are games were you also rotate skills because of long cooldowns, i really don’t get the differentiation.

To me, the only difference is that one of the types of combat is adamant on giving me carpal tunnel.


The age old “why doesn’t this game have x feature” type arguments in the MMO community. Everyone has their own idea of what an MMO should or shouldn’t have, and in the end the devs simply can’t win no matter how they design it.

If it contains the laundry list of desired features “it’s a clone of X”
If it doesn’t contain the laundry list of desired features “it lacks functionality”

It’s like everyone wants new games to be exactly like their favourite games, without being those games.

I’m trying really hard to avoid social media with each new game release, because the forums and subreddits get absolutely saturated with people who decided not to like the game commenting why the rest of us shouldn’t like it either, and it’s exhausting.

Do you know what i do when i don’t like a game? I don’t tell others how much i hate it. I don’t have bullet points on features that are missing. I don’t point out all the little details it’s doing wrong. I absolutely erase it from my mind and pay it no more attention than i do that one ant that crossed my path while walking. It still boggles my mind how much we as a community have a NEED to tell others how much we hate their chosen game.

Yeah.. yeah.. “social media is for sharing opinions, both positive and negative”. Well i’d argue in today’s day and age we could use a bit more of the former and a whole lot less of the latter.


I hear a lot of people say its addicting but I guess I don’t really see it myself, even as a survival fan. I can go out and collect a lot of things I guess, but. Why? I’m not really seeing any goals to aim for.

The combat is also super weak. You def get people like the comment below me who think that light/heavy attacks are the epitome of combat design, and that enjoying different styles of combat design somehow makes you better or worse than other people.

The funny part about that comment’s usage of casuals is that New World’s combat is the most basics of basics. Light/Heavy with dodge and block, and 4 pretty basic skills to pad it out with. You definitely can make your own fun out of it, try and avoid as much damage as possible just because, but it’s also very easy to just tank the damage and spam left click until the mob is dead.

Its not a terrible combat system at all, I’ve seen plenty of games that do it a lot worse, but it’s as most things in New World. Kinda average.
I haven’t really found a reason for all the hype for New World, except that it’s made by Amazon?

John Mclain

I made it to level 30 before I quit and uninstalled it. (I wanted to be sure it wouldn’t improve later on.) The combat is awful, the pve basically doesn’t exist, the dungeons are so easy we did the first 5 man dungeon with 2 people, and we were underleveled. (Took a long time though due to damage sponge enemies.) there is no real grand storyline, just a vague backstory.

The graphics were fairly decent however, and audio was hit or miss, some really good, some REALLY bad. (Sword swings sound like your slapping someone with a wet sock.). I also “”””REALLY”””” HATED the class(less) system with the weapon swapping, made me never really click with any build. Overall I felt like I was on a treadmill and was NOT having any fun. Waste of money, moving on.


Funny how if another company launched exactly the same mmo and didnt pay who knows what ungodly sum to all those streamers to hype it this hard, people would burry it alive and would be a dead game in a month.

But its amazon, the hype is real, people jumped it, its enough to see the comments, they go like: this is bad, and this and that and this BUT i like it, essentially reads like i like a bad game because every1 is playing so it must be good.

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Dean Greenhoe

The sound effects are phenomenal for an mmo. The combat is sub par and very tiresome.

In fact my main issue with the game is the UI is quite taxing and it causes me to take frequent repetitive motion breaks.

But, I keep on logging back in so they did something right.