Lost Light is a survival shooter for Android devices and PC currently in soft launch


Look at that, there’s another survival shooter floating around out there! This one is called Lost Light and it comes to us from developer and publisher NetEase Games. The shooter is built on three core gameplay elements: survival, warfighting, and progression, and promises “high risk high return” as players will have to plan out how they enter a map and scavenge for supplies. As for the progression portion of its gameplay, that’s linked to upgrading and trading systems.

A recent update to the game has introduced some new features including a ranked mode, a new Pharmaceutical Company map with both indoor and outdoor areas, and a release on PC that features cross-save and cross-platform play.

The shooter has made a soft launch in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Germany, and is available for pre-order on Google Play in the US, Russia, and Canada. Some vague details are available on the game’s website, while a look at the recently added map is after the break.

source: press release, official site
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