Ghost Recon Frontline is a free-to-play battle royale shooter promising a focus on objectives and tactics


Ubisoft has apparently just learned about the battle royale sub-genre. That’s obviously the only explanation for the reveal of Ghost Recon Frontline, an in-development battle royale shooter from Ubisoft Bucharest and other Ubisoft studios that will release as a free-to-play title sometime soon.

OK, we kid, mostly. Ghost Recon Frontline’s primary game mode will pit 100 players, each in teams of three, against one another on the open battlefield of Drakemoor Island. Unlike other battle royale titles, there won’t be a shrinking circle of pain, but instead will involve teams completing dynamic objectives and collecting intel. Once enough intel has been gathered, teams will need to head to a drop zone and call for an extraction, which alerts all teams to the position of the extraction, allowing them the opportunity to intervene. It sounds a lot like the Dark Zone PvP of The Division, just with a much larger map.

The other major wrinkle of Frontline is the ability for players to switch contractors even in the middle of the fight, while tools like auto-turrets, smoke screen drones and massive barricades are touted as ways in which the game is more tactically minded than other battle royale shooters.

Frontline is set to hold its first closed test between October 14th through the 21st for European players only and on PC only, offering selected testers their first chance to test the game and its three initial classes – Assault, Support, and Scout. More classes and game modes are planned to be added to upon release, and the shooter will make it to PC and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Those who are interested in trying this one out can register on the game’s official site.

source: press release
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