Old School RuneScape brings the shared pain as Group Ironman is now online


Misery loves company, or so the axiom goes, and now fans of Old School RuneScape will get to put that saying to the test as the game’s Group Ironman mode has officially come online. For those who missed out on the announcement last month, Group Ironman mode is pretty much what it sounds like on the tin: Ironamn mode but with a group-focused slant.

Specifically, teams of two to five players will get to experience Ironman mode in a bid to climb the leaderboards just like regular Ironman. This version of the mode has some helpful features that are unique to it, allowing team members to freely trade, share storage, or visit each other’s personal houses. Better yet, Group Ironman is available to free players as well as subscribers. If you’ve got some friends ready to brave the savage wilds of Gielinor together, now is the time.

source: press release
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