Star Trek Online is hosting its first ever Halloween event starting on October 13

Wands. Super.

Halloween has not traditionally been something that Star Trek Online celebrates, and for good reason; when you have the power of a Federation starship at your beck and call, it’s hard to find the suggestion of ghosts particularly scary. (A Klingon starship, by contrast, would not find it scary because the crew would want to fist-fight the ghost.) But that’s all changing on October 13th when the game hosts its first-ever Halloween event, kicking off what it hopes will be a new annual celebration with a new task force operation dubbed Cat’s Tale.

Players will be tasked with helping the Old Ones whose studies have been interrupted by the manipulations of the Devidians, with the latter group trying to steal the amazing powers of the former. Successful players will earn the right to wield a Transmuter Wand and turn targets into unlucky black cats, a power that will likely send your ship’s science officer into fits but will at least be useful in combat scenarios. Check out the full preview on the official site ahead of the event’s release on consoles and PC.

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