Astroneer’s fall update invites you to plant ALL the space squash


We somehow managed to miss the fall Astroneer update, which is wild since my own kids have been playing it, but either way we’re rectifying that right now because you don’t want to miss a minute more of the F.A.R.M. event. No, not the mob kind of farming… the harvesting kind.

“Grab your fellow Astroneers and use your expertise to assist EXO Dynamics in the Fuel Acquisition, Renewal & Maintenance event! Seasonal Sturdysquash have sprouted in the solar system and itโ€™s up to you to cultivate and harvest them. Combine their valuable produce inside unique Cauldrangea plants to create valuable biofuel to send to EXO. Find Wild Sturdysquash that can be harvested for their seeds on Sylva, Calidor, or Atrox; use these seeds to grow offspring that yield Sturdysquash Samples.”

The update also included an overhaul to the trade platform, the addition of the Proximity Repeater tool, the removal of the tutorial from the main menu, and the implementation of Steam cloud saves.

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