Frozen Flame’s Brave New World update adds new magic systems, combat updates, and progression trees


The multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame has taken some big new steps. Steps so big, the game’s latest update has skipped ahead a couple of version numbers and is noted as the end of its second closed beta and entering a new phase of closed beta/early access. You could say it’s a Brave New World. Mostly because that’s what the update itself is called.

This patch is offering up some major changes to back up its claim of being a new world’s worth of an update. For one, there’s now a new form of magic from the ancient knowledge of dragons that lets players accumulate the power of Flame to charge their attacks or gain the ability of flight. The game’s character progression has also been changed wholesale, adding an ability tree with all skills and abilities corresponding to one of the four Spirits to let players mix and match boons as they see fit.

On top of that, there are now floating islands to explore, new animations, effects, and balance changes to combat, and an adapted prologue that now serves as a basic tutorial for new players.

source: Steam
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