Classic WoW’s Season of Mastery attempts to boost the MMO’s challenge level

I'm sure it's a coincidence.

The testing for the new seasonal ruleset for WoW Classic is already underway, but what exactly is the Season of Mastery event meant to deliver on? Well, the latest dispatch from the development team should help answer that as well as address a number of lingering player questions. In short, this event is meant to test the waters and provide the more challenging experience that people have asked for, which means no world buffs in raids, a faster rollout, and… no additional loot.

Yes, you read that right; part of the increased challenge is that players might find themselves undergeared or underprepared compared to what was expected during the base Classic experience. The post also confirms that the team is trying to stay flexible and tweak things to include some form of persistence for characters after the season ends, though details are not yet available. Still, if you’re looking for a brisk and challenging Classic raid environment, that’s clearly what the designers are aiming for with this inaugural season setup.


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