Another War Thunder player leaked classified military documents to win a forum argument

Yes, it happened again


Back in July, we shared the astonishing news of one War Thunder fan and UK service member who wanted developer Gaijin Entertainment to make the British Challenger 2 tank more realistic, using classified military documents to prove his point. We surely thought that this was just a one-off sort of goof-up that would never happen again.

We were wrong. We were all wrong.

An argument on the game’s official forums regarding the accurate depiction of the French Leclerc Main Battle Tank in-game saw a member of the French army and a reported former crew member of a Leclerc post classified documents of the vehicle’s specs in order to win the ongoing argument. Apparently, turret rotation was the trigger for this bit of leaking of military secrets.

As before, moderators quickly began to scrub the thread and warned once more against posting sensitive military material. “Guys its not funny to leak classified documents of modern equipment you put the lives of many on stake who work daily with the vehicles,” reads a moderator’s post. “Keep in Mind that those documents will be deleted immediately alongside sanctions.”

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