LOTRO explains the Brawler’s mechanics as chicken hockey returns


When it comes to the Brawler, there’s only one solution needed for all of life’s problems, and that’s to strike them as hard as possible until they cry “uncle.” Lord of the Rings Online’s newest class needs some extra explanation, which is why SSG posted an article outlining the mechanics behind this fisticuffs fighter.

“Brawlers forgo weapons in favor of Battle-gauntlets and heavy armor, hurling themselves into battle to the benefit of friend and devastation of foe,” said the studio. “The main focus for Brawlers is damage, off-tanking, and support. Any race in Middle-earth can be a Brawler, except for Beornings, which are their own race and class combination.”

As players wait to roll a Brawler next week thanks to pre-order early access, they can engage in a game or two of Hobnanigans, which is here for the next few days. Hobnanigans is best thought of as “chicken hockey” and has a whole bunch of chicken-related rewards for participation.

Source: LOTRO, Twitter



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DJ Meowth

Just a heads-up for anyone who doesn’t read the forums or frequent any LotRO discords, the Brawler is looking like it’s coming out in very rough shape, even rougher than Beorning which was released in November 2014 but was not actually a finished, completed class until it was ‘revamped’ in November 2018 – four whole years later.

Every iteration of Brawler so far has had surprisingly low DPS, more in-line with Captains and Loremasters than more traditional DPS choices like Hunters and Burglars. So despite being advertised as a DPS class, its two roles in group content will be as tanks (using the blue trait tree) or as a support buffer (using the red trait tree, sort of like red Captains). The Brawler’s third trait tree doesn’t provide a third specialization like it does for other classes, instead providing bonus skills and passives that you’re meant to ‘dip into’ while primarily investing in the other two trait trees.

Aside from not having an actual DPS role, the class is also pretty clunky. It relies heavily on managing the uptime of various self-granted buffs, but the buffs need to be micromanaged – their duration cannot be refreshed, and so you must be aware of when the buffs expire so you can reapply them again. If you’ve had unpleasant experiences with certain MMO classes where you felt like you were staring at your skill bars and buff icons more than the actual in-game action, this class will provide you with plenty of that sort of aggravation.

If the Bullroarer builds are reflective of the final state of Brawler come next Wednesday, pre-orderer of Fate of Gundabad beware: it’s essentially going to be an early access preview of what Brawler might be like when they actually finish developing the class at some in 2022 or beyond.

Vincent Clark

So, despite the new change in executive producer and publisher it’s SSG doing what SSG does: ask it’s playerbase to test out new content because they lack the resources to do it themselves and release it buggy/unfinished anyway.

Nothing has changed. It will be like this until this game sunsets.


Thanks for the review. I was going to download Bullroarer bits to try this out but now I’m glad I didn’t waste the bandwidth. I’ll be watching with interest the feedback over the next couple of weeks. I like this Class as it exists in other games and I’m sure it will get there in time. I’ll probably wait until next year before spending money in any case.