Palia offers tantalizing glimpses of gameplay, posts pre-alpha infographic


Can you tell that we’re absolutely ravenous for any and all information about Palia? The upcoming life simulator MMORPG has proven kind of stingy with public reveals over this past summer, although we figure that the tiny pre-alpha test was probably keeping the dev team occupied.

In any case, Palia has shared a couple short video clips lately that we wanted to pass along to you. In the first, we’re treated to a fly-over of Kilima Village, and in the second, we get to see a character running, jumping, and gliding into a town.

Singularity 6 also posted an infographic of some stats from this summer’s pre-alpha test, including the longest bow-and-arrow shot (130 meters), how many friendship gifts were given to NPCs (32,639), and how many bugs were caught (83,980).

Source: Twitter
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