Shop Titans crafts a new logo and teases ‘bigger news’ on the horizon


Once in a while, you need to take a break from the stress of constant adventures and danger, perhaps to pursue the life of a humble shopkeeper in a fantasy world. That’s why Shop Titans has appealed to me for over a year now, giving me the opportunity to run my own little store where heroes shop.

It even has an online multiplayer connection, with guilds and group projects that makes it feel a bit more massively than it would otherwise. It’s also nice that you can play it on either PC or mobile devices (I love that it scales to both portrait and landscape on my phone).

Shop Titans boosted up to its 7.3 patch this month, rebranding the game’s logo, improving the Lost City of Gold event, and allowing Steam players to buy non-renewing one-year subscriptions.

The dev team teased “even bigger news” coming in the near future for the title.

Source: Steam
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