Book of Travels elaborates on the twelve character ‘forms’ that players in early access can select


As Book of Travels continues to roll out its early access in chunks until it opens for all backers on October 11th, the devs at Might and Delight continue to drip out extra information. This time around, it’s all about the character creation options that will be available, specifically the twelve different character choices aka “forms.”

Each form provides a range of moods and starting points for characters to choose, so it’s less like selecting a class and instead like picking what sort of character speaks to players’ personality preferences. Upon selecting a form, players will also get the chance to pick some extra personality traits, make a note of their form’s wind affinity, and then set forth on their walkabout adventures.

Those who are waiting for their turn to hop into the game will want to take a look at each form’s details to see which selection aligns with them; it’s less like a class choice and more like a personality quiz!

source: Kickstarter
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