BitCraft confirms free-to-play monetization and promises to sell ‘Lamborghinis over Medals of Honor’

The analogy will make sense in a minute


When BitCraft unveiled itself to the world last month, it was a generally vague yet intriguing reveal, promising a community-driven sandbox MMORPG that seems to lean heavy on the social interaction and exploration side of gameplay. While a lot of that is interesting enough, there is also the desire to have some more concrete information such as how the game will be monetized. Luckily, the devs at Clockwork Labs have provided a little bit of that in a lengthy blog post about monetization.

Much of the post is about the philosophies behind most monetization practices as well as the pros and cons of them, until the post finally ties it all back to BitCraft’s monetization, which will be a free-to-play model, owing to the communal nature of the game overall:

“Given that BitCraft is a community sandbox MMORPG, by this point it should already be clear that for us monetizing access to BitCraft is pretty much a non-starter. […] Part of a vibrant community and bustling economy is that the world is full of people. We also believe we’re building something new and interesting and we want as many people as possible to have access to it. It simply doesn’t make sense to restrict access.”

In the same vein, the post promises that the devs will recognize what’s important to sell and not sell.

“We should avoid selling anything in game that is understood to be earned and we should always sell things that are understood to be bought. That sounds almost like circular reasoning, but we feel it’s actually an immensely important distinction. Since it’s pretty abstract I think it’s helpful to use an analogy: we should never be in the business of selling Medals of Honor and we should always be in the business of selling Lamborghinis.”

As for what the game’s Lamborghini store will sell, there are no specifics given, but the post does promise that the devs have “interesting and innovative ideas in the space.” So we’ll just have to wait to see just how distinct these Lamborghinis are.

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