MMO Week in Review: New World’s planned transfer system isn’t ideal


New World made it through its second week: It implemented detection for “bad-faith AFK players,” it saw its queues come way down, and it is still promising server transfers, though they’ve been delayed. Right now, there’s a bit of grumbling over the fact that we won’t be able to transfer to different regions as originally stated, nor will we be able to transfer more than one character. That means if you rerolled on a second server to avoid congestion during launch week as Amazon suggested, you’ll now have to choose which of your characters to keep, potentially needing to delete a character just to get back to the original server you wanted from the start. There’s also no guarantee that whole guilds will manage to move to new servers without its becoming full.

Meanwhile, Twitch saw a massive hack, Guild Wars 2 previewed Shing Jea, and Book of Travels is on the eve of its early access launch. Read on to catch up with the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions today as every Sunday (since 2010!) in Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!



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So, how does the New World launch compare in the annals of MMO history? I’m not playing, but I am interested in how others perceive it.

Any sudden balance changes to fundemental mechanics?

How’s the botting/’gold farming’ situation?

How many significant servers are they running? EQ had a few dozen. WoW had triple digits. Are there 20 full servers in New World or 200?

Jo Watt

Honestly would have to say one of the smoothest launches so far. Yes there were long queues, I’m on the server that had one of the highest times. If you have been part of game launches the queue is a given and I’ve seen worse wait times than this.

The fact though was once you got on the servers were really stable, maybe a slight lag ever so often but nothing major and I never experienced any disconnects. Never ran into any issues or bugs that I can recall.

Tbh I had no plans to really get into NW but it’s been a really fun experience so far. Only lvl 42 atm though so I haven’t experienced some of the end game problems that have surfaced. Many things need to be fixed in regards to territory war cool down periods as well as false mass reporting of opposing faction guilds to win wars.

Overall I have to say the actual launch has been smooth but endgame wise they have quite a bit of ironing to do.