PvP MMO-lite Soul Kingdoms will start crowdfunding November 4 and run a playtest October 26


Last week we shared some details on Soul Kingdoms, a self-described “MMO-lite” PvP game that promised lots of instanced PvP gameplay modes that can be accessed regardless of level or gear score along with a social hub with minigames and events. The dev studio also pointed out their intent on crowdfunding the game itself through a milestone funding approach. The latest news from the game now has information on both gameplay and crowdfunding standpoints, offering some dates of note for potential players and curious followers.

First, the game will be holding another playtest this coming Tuesday, October 26th, featuring two battlefields for players to square off in: Clash, a smaller team vs. team map where players battle to take control of a relic at the map’s center; and Brawl, a larger instance where four teams will fight to control a limited number of towers in order to generate points over time, along with a relic that can be found at the map’s center for a big points boost if a team brings it back to their base. Those who are interested in joining in on the playtest can do so by signing up for the game’s newsletter and joining the official Discord.

Lastly, the game’s self-driven crowdfunding will begin on Thursday, November 4th. Crowdfunding will run for 30 days, with additional playtests and events running during the drive. The devs also promise to share more detailed plans for the game before and after the crowdfunding campaign begins.


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That description at first kind of made me think a sorta Overwatch but with your own hero