Crowfall’s latest update adds preset archetypes and ‘substantial’ tutorial changes for new players


Players that are looking to get their start in Crowfall now have a number of new options as of the game’s 7.200 update. Specifically, they have archetype options that will help them hit the ground running, letting them select preset level 25 characters of specific race and class combinations and get immediately into Skypoint.

Of course, players still have the option of selecting a custom character and going through the usual opening tutorial beats at level one, but the whole experience has been “substantially” updated in order to help guide fresh arrivals to Skypoint and beyond. New arrivals can now look forward to adjusted item and XP rewards, shifts to side quests, and the removal of low sec zones among other changes.

There’s things in this patch for current players of Crowfall as well, of course, like changes to alliance scoring and alliance sizes, a wide variety of campaign adjustments, fixes for crafting and gathering, and updates and tweaks to Eternal Kingdoms among other things. The update’s patch notes tell the full story.


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Dug From The Earth

Why 25? The game only has 30 levels. Boosting to 25 is like cheating in a foot race by jumping in a car, but still dropping you off 100 meters from the finish line.

Levels in the game are completely pointless, and should just be removed.