Final Fantasy XI updates Ambuscade and one of its trust companions

Pumpkin head!

There are a lot of trust companions in Final Fantasy XI. Seriously, the sheer number is almost baffling. Still, it’s a good thing that tanky companion Valaineral has gotten a pretty substantial set of changes with the game’s latest patch, refining the weapon skills, job abilities, and white magic he uses while in combat. It also improves his HP and MP values and increases trait values, both of which should help make him better able to hold threat and serve as a defensive bulwark for players who use him.

The patch also brings around a new set of Ambuscade challenges to take on with the appropriate spooky theming, along with a few bug fixes. You can also received the full discussion of the update in video format just below, if you prefer. Player response seems to be focused more on the idea that a lot of trusts other than just Valaineral need improvement and expansion, but it’s a good discussion to be having during one of the game’s lighter monthly patches.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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