The Daily Grind: What’s the most obscure MMO you’ve played?


You are probably aware of the fact at this point that we have an ongoing series of posts in which we ask whatever happened to a few different obscure MMO titles. These aren’t necessarily bad games, and they usually still have their fans (or in a few sad cases, they had fans before the unceremonious shutdown), but they’re not titles that the largers community thinks about much. Maybe everyone just moved on, or maybe these were always obscure titles destined to be played by a small minority.

Today, we’re not just catching up on them, though; we’re seeing if you have some experience with these more obscure entries in our genre catalog. What’s the most obscure MMO you’ve played? Was it just a mainstream title that never hit the apex of popularity, or is it something so unknown that you have to take the time to explain what it was to people?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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A Tale in the Desert and Istaria (beta’d it back when it was Horizons and returned back in 2019).


Requiem online.
Dungeon Runners

Michael Snyder

Gemstone III (still going)

Grave Knight

Every now and then I remember S4 League. Not exactly an MMO but was an online game with some social aspects. Like many games of that time and that nature it was killed by pay to win marketing.

Tom De Laet

Mine are probably Archlord and Dungeons of Sherwood via flash. Ow and this isometric webzen game I can’t remember the name of (Edit : found it it was continent of the Ninth seal when it was under webzen). Also played Runes of Magic but don’t think it really applies here.

Adam Kelsall

I’ve played so many obscure MMOs it’s hard to even come up with a short-list..
PiStory is probably the most obscure (besides ones that weren’t public), it was a 2D top-down-ish, action-based MMO, extremely similar to dungeon fighter online (but way older), it was unique at the time in that it had 2 social modes: a “child friendly” one which only allowed communication via emotes/pre-set phrases and the “normal” one with chat/etc., this allowed it to run with a 3+ age rating, which is exceptionally rare in online games.

Some others worth mentioning:
* Wizardry Online (hardcore MMO with permadeath)
* NeoSteam (fairly standard pve/pvp MMO with a then-unique steam punk aesthetic).
* Ghost-x (an action-based game with pokemon-like weapons)
* An MMO I forget the exact name of (something like “Esteria” I think?), it was a 2D top-down action-based Browser-based MMO that Aeria Games was planning to release back around 2000-2005, only around 15-20 people got invited to test it. It got cancelled before launch.
* Spiral Knights (not the one on steam, this was an earlier game by the same devs, similar aesthetic but very different mechanics, it got scrapped and replaced with the current game when Sega bought the IP)
* Luminary: rise of the GoonZu (fairly standard ultima-like MMO)


Xyson Prelude and some “furries” MMO whose name escapes me but closed while still in beta two weeks after selling several nice convenience items in their store for a pretty stiff price which cost me $90 as I recall.

Cecil Coffey

First MMO I actively engaged in and grinded my way through to Max level was called Vindictus, considering I’ve always been more of console FPS player it was huge dive for me but I actually enjoyed the majority of my time on it.


Tales of Pirates and Asda Story.


Tree of Savior…