Book of Travels says it’s working on the server stability problems that plagued its early access launch


So if you tried to play Book of Travels when it launched into early access yesterday – or you read our coverage – you probably already know that the launch was a bit of a bungle as way too many people tried to log in and the servers crumbled. You know, it was an MMO launch.

In any case, Might and Delight has now addressed the “server situation,” acknowledging that it’s had server stability problems through the beta and launch weekend. “Some travelers were unable to connect no matter how often they tried and this gave them the view that ‘all the servers are down’,” the studio says. But that’s not entirely accurate.

“Firstly, there are lots of servers. Additional servers are added automatically once a threshold goes below X number of free seats. An issue here occurs with the speed of how these servers appear against the number of new players and the rate at which some people hits a server refresh button. We have made some changes and are looking at raising the X threshold to solve these issues going forward as well as reducing the time to add additional seats in the automatic allocation.

“Secondly we need to look at the location of the servers. Currently we offer US(West Coast), Europe and Asia. When servers are full in one region players have been selecting a different region and again this causes spikes in load due to data wait times across the internet. We are reviewing the server locations with regards to additional US data centers (potentially East Coast) and also maybe a Rest of the World location depending on which area has the highest user base (sorry Australia it’s not you at the moment).”

Source: Steam
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