EVE Online launches a new event, casts a spotlight on its community, and releases a new tutorial video


Usually you don’t celebrate a subsuming alien invasion force in your game’s world, but EVE Online is not a usual MMORPG. With that in mind, the game has decided to celebrate the Triglavian Collective’s foothold in New Eden with a new holiday known as Totality Day for players aligned with the faction. The occasion is being marked with increased warp speed in Pochven space between now and October 19th, new landmark sites to commemorate the conflict that lead to Pochven’s formation, and various player-run events between now October 16th.

Speaking of EVE players, CCP Games has kicked off a new bi-weekly post series known as Community Beat, which will focus on various community-centric matters. The inaugural post showcases some of the game’s streamers, talks about the new Rogue Analysis Beacon, and drums up hype for EVE Vegas and EVE London.

For the more industrious Capsuleer, the September economic report is now out, while the devs have seen fit to put out a new tutorial video all about outfitting, which we’ve got embedded after the break.

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