Guild Wars 2 starts rolling out the Icebrood Saga in Living World Return starting on October 19


Are you eager to get into Guild Wars 2’s Icebrood Saga but don’t feel like shelling out the money necessary to get access to every part of that story along the way? Good news; starting next week, you won’t need to as long as you’re willing to log into the game. The Living World Return promotional event rolls on with the first installment of Season 5, and that means the first episode of the Icebrood Saga will be unlocked for anyone who logs in during the week.

There will also be achievements for replaying the episode during the week, of course, so don’t forget to check out what rewards are on offer as you play. Players will need to own Path of Fire in order to play through the episodes, but the unlock will remain active on your account even if you don’t yet have access to them due to a lack of expansions when they go live. And hey, isn’t it fun to have that much more stuff to play through in the future?


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