The Daily Grind: How do you protect yourself from scammers in MMORPGs?


As long as there have been MMOs, there have been MMO scams. If you play, then you know. So you’re not going to be surprised to know that folks are already busily finding “legal” ways to screw over their fellow gamers in New World, as chronicled by multiple victims on Reddit. One guildleader and an accomplice apparently swindled their 200-person guild out of 60,000 gold, rerolling to take the spoils to an enemy faction and avoid retribution. (Thanks for linking this to us, Rick!)

I’ve been playing MMOs since the days of Ultima Online, when people could literally steal your house keys out of your backpack if you were unwary. I saw whole guilds implode and castles be stolen out from under noses. Even players back then devised all kinds of ways to keep themselves safe, whether it be extensive vetting of guild members or something as simple as storing your house keys under a bag trapped with a nasty flame blast. So whenever we hear stories like this in modern MMOs – and we hear them all the time out of games like EVE Online – I just have to shake my head at the newbies learning these lessons for the first time.

How do you protect yourself from scammers in MMORPGs? What keeps you safe? And as a bonus question, what’s the biggest scam you remember in MMOs?

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