Albion Online’s latest patch updates various weapon lines and adds new header information for black zone maps


The Call to Arms update of Albion Online has gotten yet another patching in Call to Arms 11, with particular focus on combat balance changes. In specific, maces have gotten a rework to improve their tankiness; Arcane, Cursed, Fire, Holy and Nature staffs have had “numerous” updates; and swords and hammers have had a couple of skill changes among other things.

The patch has also made some improvements to the black zone maps, with headers now displaying the Zone Quality Level when players mouseover them. This information determines the season point multipliers for Territories, Castles, Castle Outposts and mobs, as well as Energy Storage by territory, making this mouseover tooltip pretty useful.

Other updates include adjustments to faction warfare player rankings and the addition of the Season 13 winner statue for Blue Army in Conquerors’ Hall. The full patch notes offer the complete details.


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