Dauntless starts its Halloween event, launches a new hunt pass, and adds XP banking for max level weapons


The Dark Harvest looms overhead in Dauntless. As in it’s nearly arriving to the multiplayer monster slaying RPG as part of the game’s latest patch, with each week adding two new gifts for players to find in Ramsgate all the way until the event’s proper arrival on Thursday, October 21st, when the event will begin properly, promising new quests, cosmetics, and events.

In the meantime, the new patch has also kicked off the newest Power Balance hunt pass and a new Reward Cache, both of which are full of distinct cosmetics for players to earn; a recategorization of the weapon and armor cells; new weapon cosmetic rumors to follow; and the addition of banked XP system that lets players store weapon XP when a weapon is at max level to use towards reforging in the future.

The full patch notes offer some extra tidbits for players to pay attention to as well, like the addition of the Phaelanx to the Paradox Breaks hunting ground, a few balance tweaks to some Behemoths, and Loot Cubes earned at the end of a public event now restoring HP and replenishing supply crates.

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