Star Trek Online kicks off a new Halloween event as its players raise over $75K for charity


The final frontier of Star Trek Online is not about to skip the spooky season, as the game has unveiled an all-new Halloween event. This event, known as Fall of the Old Ones, features the iconic alien species from the original series as they ask players to help them stop the Devidians from learning the secrets of a powerful device in an ancient castle on Pyris VII that was first faced by Captain Kirk, Mr. Scott, and Dr McCoy in the episode “Catspaw.”

Players who participate in the event can earn daily progress to a grand prize of a Transmuter Wand Universal Kit Module and an Old One Vanity Pet, while the first character on an account that earns the prize will also receive 25,000 Dilithium Ore and three Featured Episode Reward Boxes. After that, taking part in the event earns players 1,000 Dilithium Ore every day, up to a cap of 50,000 Dilithium Ore per day. The event runs for three weeks until Wednesday, November 3rd.

In other STO news, the charity bundle sold in September to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America saw players of the game raise over $75,000 for the organization, and actress Chase Masterson spoke to the Star Trek official site about reprising the role of Admiral Leeta for the game’s current Mirror Universe story arc.

sources: press release, Star Trek Online website, Star

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It’s a reasonably fun event ruined by the fact that you have to do it as part of a task force (with other humans) instead of your own away team, thus suffering the same fate that Flashpoints in SWTOR did, i.e. people acting like morons, skipping past the story, rushing ahead, etc etc. I’m not particularly well geared, so trying it solo I was more or less instantly murdered. What a shame, because the graphics and sound and such in the mission is really good.


I tried it once last night and got an actual “team griefer.” In the part with the skeletons, he was punching them (and I assume had the Taunt stance or whatever) and would then lure them *AWAY* from the candle light circles. It took about five minutes just to finish off a single skeleton. And by the end, I was openly cheering for the skeleton every time it kicked him in the fork.

And then again in the final section, for some reason the RNG kept choosing to phase that same player. Who, obviously, did everything he could to drag that sequence out as more and more Devidians spawned in.

It could have been a chance for a really interesting solo missions. As a mandatory team activity, it’s going to be 14 days of suck to get the pet and dilithium and be done with it. ( OnO )


What I hate is the mechanics of the final boss fight are not very well explained or shown in the final version of the task force.

Four Davidian devices appear on the floor and when you get paid you just get a message saying that you have to sabotage the devices they usually there’s so much visual spam from their ridiculous power display graphics that you don’t realize there’s a switch you have to throw somewhere on one of the stairs. I did it from the first time last night and when I got phased I was running around to the four devices expecting a pop-up button like with the candles but no, the only way I found out was go to one of the community managers podcast where the QA ran through it and you could see what was required because they were doing it really slow and not really spamming their ground powers all that much.

That’s not really explained it all in any of the dialogue that usually see/hear during the task force.

Your average casual sto player is used to everything being Mash button kill Mob. Do not put any explanation about the Mechanics for the final fight in the actual dialogue of the task force itself is just the STO game developers asking for trouble, and with the amount of developers that have been with the game since its initial launch nearly 12 years ago you think by now they’d have learned to avoid this type of ridiculous situation, but hey it’s Cryptic Studios so what can you expect.

(This is a management team who’s admitted that they know they’re STL Community manager Camp proofread marketing copy for shit, and anytime a new marketing blog is released usually contains obvious errors or typos as well as incorrect dates; but they refuse to do anything to alleviate that situation, even after admitting they’re aware of it.)

So yeah releasing new content with non-obvious combat mechanics and not explaining those mechanics in the content itseflf just seems to be par for the course for this company.