Aion Classic adds new quests and instances in the 1.5 update, challenges players to a server first race


The progression server of Aion Classic has gotten some new content. Well, new to the server content – this stuff already arrived to the original game before, after all. The point being that Update 1.5 is now available to players of the server.

This update introduces challenging content in the form of level 50 Daevanion quests, the Dark Poeta instance, and the PvPvE battlefield of Baranath Dredgion. There’s also the Kromede’s Trial single-player instance, where players take on the form of Kromede to complete a series of battles and unlock Fabled Grade Kaliga weapons.

On the subject of content challenges, the devs of Aion are holding a server first race that will award players who complete various endgame achievements with exclusive titles. The link above lets players join in on the race or keep tabs on who hits the long list of server firsts.

sources: press release, official site

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Jim Bergevin Jr

And hence we see why the need for Eliot’s piece “Dull Boy Jack” is so relevant and necessary. We don’t need devs openly feeding into the Content Locusts. We need them making games that are enjoyable to play at a moderate pace.