EverQuest II’s Nights of the Dead Halloween event is officially live


The time for PTS testing is over and the Halloween season is now descending upon players of EverQuest II. The Nights of the Dead event has officially gone live, bringing plenty of appropriately ghoulish goodies to the world of Norrath.

This year’s event will introduce some new adventures for players to take on in Qeynos or Freeport as well as some returning adventures with new rewards to earn, like 14 New house items and equipment pieces, two new costume illusions, and a new holiday recipe book. Event treats will also drop from undead and creepy-crawly critters found in Reign of Shadows, and Merc and Familiar Training Drops will be turned on for the duration of the event. All of this is also live on the TLE progression server with the exception of the Headless or Tails quest.

Nights of the Dead run between now and Thursday, November 4th, so Norrathians have a whole month to revel in the spooky season.

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