Paladins art director responds to anti-anthro character skin petition by making another anthro skin called Salt


This story is the level of professional pettiness that I aspire to. Let’s cast our minds back to June 2020, when a streamer shared a petition to delete a skin for Pip that turned the otherwise male-presenting character into a female character. “Pepper is in the videogame and this is unfortunate. I propose we remove her from the videogame,” reads the incredibly deep rationale of the petition’s creator.

This particular petition drew the attention of the game’s art director, who replied, “If ya’ll keep it up I am gonna design the next genderbent furry character and name him/her ‘Salt.'” Now, over a year later, that dev has made good on his promise, as the Salt skin became available for Io earlier this week. This new skin can be earned either in a Good Vibes chest or purchased directly.

As for more recent Paladins news, the Absolution update is just on the horizon, bringing with it a new champion by the name of Azaan, a new event pass, and some new Trials among other things. Azaan himself will be heading to PTS soon, but not until after a delay to apply some major fixes.

sources: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4), official site
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