The Daily Grind: What’s your worst MMO guild drama moment?

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Guild drama! The words that strike fear into the hardened hearts of MMO players all over the world. Whether it’s World of Warcraft or Ultima Online, all MMO players have experienced the explosion of guild drama. The big difference is in scope and the nature of the stories, though. Sometimes the guild drama is just a matter of one person being a jerk and thinking he’s more important than everyone else; other times it’s a matter of the raid leader’s ex-wife dating the top DPS in the main raid group and then coming out as bi and breaking up with him to date the healer, causing the now ex-boyfriend to team up with the ex-husband to get her kicked out of the guild.

Would you believe me if I said that one was hypothetical?

While we all hope to not be the source of the drama, we’ve all been a witness to it at some point. So today, share your stories. What’s your worst MMO guild drama moment? When have you been witness to the most memorable explosion of personal drama into a video game space, and if you’re very lucky (or unlucky), did it end in litigation of some kind?

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K8 D

Oh fun! Lets see, I’ve been witness to around 3 pretty big guild dramas in my 16 years of mmos:

In WoW,
My guild consisted of a few friends. I have very bad chronic pain. Leader lashed out at me for not sticking to things like running dungeons (during mop, just heroics for valor) with a few of them because my body needed rest. I left the guild. Months later i pmed him when i saw he got his legendary cape, he apologized. I forgave him.

Also in WoW,
Found a small guild and quickly became friends with them all. Long story short, leader actually hated me the whole time and thought i was fake. Ironic. Left the guild, she pmed me pretending to be hurt. I should have seen the red flags when she talked crap about others behind their backs.

In GW1,
Guild leader took a break from the guild and left it to me indefinitely. I freaked out because while at first i was ok with it, i changed my mind because of stress irl. And for some dumb reason, i was VERY rude to the leader about this. I was young and a jerk. No idea why i was such an awful person. She made mistakes too accusing me of things that weren’t true, but i was definitely the one in the wrong. Live and learn i guess.

Edit: oh wow i forgot about my rift guild. leader wouldn’t let anyone play with each other or use fun nicknames or else she would get jealous. Was pretty crazy. Me and another female player weren’t able to become friends because we were the leaders “pets”. I left very quickly lol


Ended up leaving the Free Company I had been a part of for over six years earlier this year due to some drama.

Started innocently enough – silly (and not problematic, it was genuine good fun for those that participated) shenanigans in Discord that worked for some but others didn’t engage in. These took the form of locked down channels (and never main channels) that typically lasted a couple hours.

Well, one got locked down…and then freed…but one of the main users of said channel missed that and used the Discord @everyone feature in a channel to ask how to unlock it…

This lead to the channel being deleted entirely in a misguided attempt at a silly sort of “retribution” for using the feature incorrectly (few written rules, one of them was not to spam that particular feature…which they didn’t and just used it once).

So that caused a bit of a kerfluffle for a bit, as well as the decision that the channel could be brought back through rebuilding it via the same system of shenanigans that led to it being closed…and just no one engaged with that. The channel was simply gone for a while…

Well, as I recall the order of events, this eventually resulted in another FC member and at this point long time friend of mine asking about it, and then getting into it a bit about the whole situation, including calling the shenanigans boring. More words were said, and my friend admittedly made the goof of joking they were going to post nsfw images in the main channel (we all knew they never actually would) but the FC leader booted them off the server as a preventative measure…but then was like “they’ve been banned for 24 hours, they can think about what they’ve done.”

Well that was the real start of it. I understood the snap judgment to remove from the server briefly just in case…but the decision to treat the whole thing like some great offense worthy of a 24 hour ban didn’t sit well with me, especially since it felt arbitrary.

I voiced my concern, and the pushback I received from another long time member was a lot more intense than I was expecting and involved mischaracterization of the events that got the other person banned from the server. A lot of defensiveness about the FC leaders actions, and in a heated moment I too left the Discord.

Came to the realization, in talking with friends from that group afterward, that we’d all kind of been dealing with the more abrasive attitude from this one person for a while, and that it had continued unchecked. Now they aren’t a bad person by any means, just a touch on the arrogant side.

So we took that to the FC leader…who basically avoided doing anything about it directly.

Realized that so long as that status quo existed, that I’d feel like criticisms – warranted or not – regarding the FC or it’s direction or anything like that would feel stifled as this other person would be defending the decision and likely doing so in an abrasive manner…and so I left the FC as well.

The end result was not a huge loss for me, as I still interact with a good number of the people I did before, just on a different Discord, and we play other things together. I did eventually move my main to a different data center for a fresh start, but that wasn’t directly related to the events…just something I felt was free to do since o wasn’t connected to an FC anymore.

I wouldn’t even say I missing raiding with the static from that FC either, cause apparently there was some drama there too after I left.

But that’s a story for another time.

Yann van Sylphe

Eve online!
got a call in the night (IRL) telling me to connect ASAP!
as i do, i see the entire guild asset disapear, the base under attack (leader sold intel, we got the info later).
the loss was real and since this moment, i stopped to invest too much in game.

Jon Wax

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Ashfyn Ninegold

My first guild experience was in WoW and the guild leader was a little too prying and nosy, especially with members who had female avatars, as I did. Long story, but there was a bit of a rebellion among a well-liked faction within the guild, and the four of us departed and formed our own guild, bringing many of our old guild members with us.

The old guildmaster still kept track of many us and harassed us whenever possible. We were constantly sniffing out new guild recruits to see if they were this same character or one of his cronies intent upon disruption. It was quite awhile before he and his minions faded into the background.

Axetwin .

I was in a fairly large guild where someone got promoted to an officer position in the guild. Overnight half the guild had been kicked and noone knew what happened. Turned out the newly promoted person kept a running list of everyone she disliked and everyone she felt was “problematic” and kicked them all out of the guild. Morale in the guild dropped really low and the guild leader ho hummed about it not really wanting to take a stance on the move one way or another. A week later the guild was basically dead from sheer number of people that left in protest. Everyone that left and everyone that got kicked got together and formed their own guild.


I think I’m quite lucky in that I’ve not experienced a huge amount of drama. My guild certainly had it’s fair share of crises but it was rarely down to personal drama.

Toughest for me to deal with personally was when I first started guild- and raid-leading. We wanted fair loot rules and came up with some, but we had a guy in the guild who was just really selfish and continually found loopholes in the rules. This was made worse by the fact that he wasn’t a good player, he just thought he was because he had good gear, and so it annoyed a lot of guild members.

I ended up re-writing the rules a bunch of times to try and eliminate loopholes and bring the guy in line, but it never seemed to work. Eventually, the guy finally got the hint that he was annoying everyone and then quit the guild. The guild was a much, much happier place after that!

Beyond that, biggest crises were probably caused by me. Whilst I really enjoyed being a leader, I was only willing to do it when I was enjoying the game. When I stopped enjoying the game, I’d slack off or move on to the next game and there usually wasn’t a replacement leader. More than one chapter of our guild closed down because of that.

One of the funniest dramas I got to witness was a long-running feud between various “alpha” females in my guild. One seemed to take great pride in being a female raider and thought she was great, the other was new to gaming but got into raiding and was about the same skill level. They didn’t like that there was another alpha female raider in the group, that was their role!!!

Whenever I’d seen the same behaviour in men, it usually ended up in a friendly competition, both pushing the other to be the best. With the women, it just got a bit bitchy and never seemed to end! It was quite fun to watch, even if i didn’t understand it.

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Somehow I’ve managed to quit before most of the implosion/explosion points.

One of the first MMO guilds I joined was tiny. We’d get the occasional recruit but it was a struggle. We barely had enough for a raid team but most of us being noobs couldn’t quite clear the easy boss. The GL was the most experienced person but he had a tendency to go AFK quite a bit because “the wife was mad”.

Eventually a bunch of us left for another guild that was willing to teach us how to raid and we became a solid midcore guild. The game we were playing at the time had a pretty bad content drought so eventually we landed in WoW. Unfortunately it just didn’t do it for me so I left but stayed in touch (sorta).

I was bored one day and hopped into Discord to chat and oh boy was their some dirt to talk about. Turns out the player I followed from the “wife was mad” guild to the other was a serial catfisher and she finally got caught by my friends. Now I wonder if the first GL suspected something was up and just didn’t want to deal with her or her advances.

I made the mistake of joining a “family” multi-gaming guild. One of those that assumed they could cover all activities an MMO player would want to do. This came along with a bunch of “thou shalts” like thou shalt rep us and only us or not at all. If you guild your alts thou shalt only add them to our guild or remain unguilded. No cussing because we have kids playing. And so on and so forth. Very culty. While this is why I left this wasn’t the drama.

Since I left some time before it happened the details are unclear. In each game there was a guild leader that was an officer of the umbrella organization. The GLs were elected by the active players for that game. One day the GL was kicked from the umbrella organization which led to a lot of acrimony from the actives and a mass exodus. Not enough to close the chapter but they had to seriously rebuild.

“Family” is now on my “lol, nope” list when browsing recruitment posts.

There is one bit of drama I got caught up in.

SW:TOR has its moments but it’s an exercise in making your own fun because Bioware simply doesn’t have the will, the talent, or the support to deliver content on a remotely reasonable basis. So this is a story about the effects of a content lull.

Once the last story chapter of their KotFE expansion was finally dribbled out I did the one month sub to get them credited to my account so when I eventually returned to un-subbed status I had access to them. I joined a guild for the passive xp buff and met a few folks that I had a lot of fun running instances with. Since KotET wasn’t due for another 3-4 months eventually a bunch of folks took a break including the GL which left 3-5 folks regularly logging in and playing together.

When the GL came back she got super jealous and tried to break us up. One of our group was an officer and she insisted that he play with other folks. He flatly refused and stepped down as an officer. The next day the guild was disbanded.

We did put together our own guild and ran for several months but the disaster that was 5.0 took its toll and we scattered.

Bryan Correll

I got nothing that can compete in this category. Certainly never had a groupie break up the band.


I don’t join guilds containing other people. Just solo guilds – for access to something not available otherwise if it’s possible to do that, such as Warframe and “clan only” weapons blueprints and the resource cost being acceptable to do it by myself. Or just to block random guild invites, such as in Star Trek Online where for a while the only way to avoid constant blind invites was to already be in a fleet.

No other people = no drama of the type described.