Atlas offers a lore-filled journal for its next major update arriving October 27


The devs of Atlas would like to tell you a story. A rather lengthy story, actually. Specifically, the second entry of Redbeard’s Journal, which outlines the character’s discovery of writings to a location known as Walfield Atol, a mysterious island that is apparently covered in monuments.

Why is this important? Because as noted in the end of the lore post, this location, its monuments, and likely other things are going to be part of the sandbox’s next update, which is due to arrive on Wednesday, October 27th. Further details will be shared by the devs at a later time, but the announcement does point out that this update will introduce a full server wipe. In the meantime, there’s plenty of words and pictures to take in.

Atlas has been in early access since the end of 2018, when it was first announced as an MMORPG with 40,000 players per server, which it cannot support to date; it’s fallen from a peak of around 60,000 players back then to under 2,000 now.


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