Dual Universe focuses in on removing stacked construct elements and shares more Lua changes

Single-platform universe.

Apparently, players of Dual Universe have been stacking construct elements on top of each other – ie a shield generator overlapped by a space fuel tank. This is evidently a problem that the devs at Novaquark are fixing with future updates, but in the meantime there will be a new feature in the Demeter update that will let players who are using a construct with stacked elements be alerted to the exploit.

This function will let players access a list of construct elements, with items that are overlapping being highlighted by a red triangle to help players know what to remove. This new alert UI is a temporary measure until the devs put together an automated process will be introduced in a future update that disables stacked or overlapping elements automatically.

In other DU news, the devs have written up the final two dev blogs that are all about updates to the Lua programming language, outlining new functionality like radar API updates, transponder API additions, and a list of player requested features among other things.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)

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I like the idea of space / sci-fi building games. So if nothing else I hope this and the robots-and-spacestations one succeed to put pressure on Space Engineers to get their act together. As in, doing things like addressing years-old bugs with the physics engine, fixing the lightning they added with the weather update so that getting caught in a storm is NOT a death sentence for small-grid ships, and maybe adding any kind of viable NPCs to the game.

Considering they took most of the profits from Space Engineers to start a research company called “GoodAI,” it’s frankly kind of shocking how *bad* they are at implementing in-game AI. When they first added planets, they completely removed what NPC ships they *did* have because somehow they couldn’t work out how to prevent ships that move in perfectly straight lines from crashing into static planets that don’t move. My understanding is that a modder almost immediately found a way to fix it, and they ended up essentially buying the mod code to roll it back into the base game and turn Space Pirates back on.

So yeah, I hope Duel Universe succeeds and at least creates competition in the genre of “space LEGO games.”